Tracheostomy Tubes are supplied cuffed and uncuffed with optional AccuCuff™ cuff pressure indicator to suit a variety of clinical situations and patient needs.

  • Standard and reinforced versions available
  • Comprehensive range of cuffed and uncuffed tubes
  • Optional AccuCuff™ cuff pressure indicator allows for continuous visual monitoring, eliminating the need for regular spot-checking and reducing the risk of Post Ventilatory Pneumonia
  • Negative pressure graduation on the AccuCuff™ cuff pressure indicator ensures cuff is fully deflated, reducing the risk of trauma during removal
  • Fully integrated inflation lines connect to the Tracheostomy Tube proximal to the patient connector reducing the risk of chafing and infection to the Tracheostomy site
  • Single Use single use icon
  • Latex Free latex free icon
  • DEHP Free DEHP free icon
  • Supplied in boxes of 10
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Cuff Pressure Indicator

Ordering Information

Tracheostomy Tube

Tracheostomy Tube (uncuffed)
2.0mm TT-P1-20
2.5mm TT-P1-25
3.0mm TT-P1-30
3.5mm TT-P1-35
4.0mm TT-P1-40
4.5mm TT-P1-45
5.0mm TT-P1-50
5.5mm TT-P1-55
6.0mm TT-P1-60
6.5mm TT-P1-65
7.0mm TT-P1-70
7.5mm TT-P1-75
8.0mm TT-P1-80
8.5mm TT-P1-85
9.0mm TT-P1-90
9.5mm TT-P1-95
10.0mm TT-P1-100
Tracheostomy Tube with cuff
3.0mm TT-P2-30
3.5mm TT-P2-35
4.0mm TT-P2-40
4.5mm TT-P2-45
5.0mm TT-P2-50
5.5mm TT-P2-55
6.0mm TT-P2-60
6.5mm TT-P2-65
7.0mm TT-P2-70
7.5mm TT-P2-75
8.0mm TT-P2-80
8.5mm TT-P2-85
9.0mm TT-P2-90
9.5mm TT-P2-95
10.0mm TT-P2-100
Tracheostomy Tube with AccuCuff™
3.0mm TT-P3-30
3.5mm TT-P3-35
4.0mm TT-P3-40
4.5mm TT-P3-45
5.0mm TT-P3-50
5.5mm TT-P3-55
6.0mm TT-P3-60
6.5mm TT-P3-65
7.0mm TT-P3-70
7.5mm TT-P3-75
8.0mm TT-P3-80
8.5mm TT-P3-85
9.0mm TT-P3-90
9.5mm TT-P3-95
10.0mm TT-P3-100

Tracheostomy Tube Reinforced

Tracheostomy Tube Reinforced (uncuffed)
3.0mm TT-J1-30
3.5mm TT-J1-35
4.0mm TT-J1-40
4.5mm TT-J1-45
5.0mm TT-J1-50
5.5mm TT-J1-55
6.0mm TT-J1-60
6.5mm TT-J1-65
7.0mm TT-J1-70
7.5mm TT-J1-75
8.0mm TT-J1-80
8.5mm TT-J1-85
9.0mm TT-J1-90
9.5mm TT-J1-95
10.0mm TT-J1-100
Tracheostomy Tube Reinforced with cuff
3.0mm TT-J2-30
3.5mm TT-J2-35
4.0mm TT-J2-40
4.5mm TT-J2-45
5.0mm TT-J2-50
5.5mm TT-J2-55
6.0mm TT-J2-60
6.5mm TT-J2-65
7.0mm TT-J2-70
7.5mm TT-J2-75
8.0mm TT-J2-80
8.5mm TT-J2-85
9.0mm TT-J2-90
9.5mm TT-J2-95
10.0mm TT-J2-100
Tracheostomy Tube Reinforced with AccuCuff™
3.0mm TT-J3-30
3.5mm TT-J3-35
4.0mm TT-J3-40
4.5mm TT-J3-45
5.0mm TT-J3-50
5.5mm TT-J3-55
6.0mm TT-J3-60
6.5mm TT-J3-65
7.0mm TT-J3-70
7.5mm TT-J3-75
8.0mm TT-J3-80
8.5mm TT-J3-85
9.0mm TT-J3-90
9.5mm TT-J3-95
10.0mm TT-J3-100

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