Bougies are designed to aid the placement of endotracheal and tracheostomy tubes during difficult intubations. They are supplied with a range of features that allow for easier insertion, reducing trauma and improving patient comfort.

  • Internal memory allowing for improved positioning during insertion
  • High visibility colour to aid positioning in poor light
  • Low point of pressure tip reducing the risk of inadvertent trauma during insertion
  • Adult and Paediatric versions available for use in a wide range of clinical applications
  • Available in 5ch, 10ch and 15ch diameter and in 600mm or 800mm lengths
  • Both angled (coudé) tip and straight versions available
  • Low friction outer surface enhances tracheal tube glide
  • Single Use single use icon
  • Latex Free latex free icon
  • Supplied in boxes of 10
Bougie product image close up -

Internal Memory

Ordering Information

47005S Bougie, straight 5ch x 470mm
60010S Bougie, straight 10ch x 600mm
60015S Bougie, straight 15ch x 600mm
80010S Bougie, straight 10ch x 800mm
80015S Bougie, straight 15ch x 800mm
60010A Bougie, angled (coudé) 10ch x 600mm
60015A Bougie, angled (coudé) 15ch x 600mm
80010A Bougie, angled (coudé) 10ch x 800mm
80015A Bougie, angled (coudé) 15ch x 800mm

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